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Witsow Leadership

Diane Moreno - CEO

Ghazal Ravi

Managing Director

Israel Carter - CTO

Saifudheen Kayamkulam

Director - Mobile

Israel Carter - CTO

Rigin Antony

Director Creative

Ghazal Ravi

Ghazal Ravi

Managing Director, Brand Consultant

Ghazal Ravi, a young energy-packed entrepreneur from Kochi presently the Chairman & Managing Director at WITSOW Branding. He says “creativity is a gift”, and he grabbed it by inheritance and nurtured it with the help of his talented father, Late. Prof.Ravi Padinjare, the famous sculptor who steered his son towards academics caring not to fall under the category of vagabond artistes thus becoming a B.Tech. Graduate & incubate in iA2009 at CIIE, IIM Ahmadabad. A proven tech-savvy, he then worked in a number of high profile companies like Audech, Orchid Informatics, Cutesys Technologies, Nexus & Mixedpome etc. donning the roles of Product Design Head, Web Consultant, Web Developer, Marketing Strategist & CEO. He has directed and executed numerous Events, TVC and Print Advertisements and worked with 100’s of Brands across the country thus creating a space in Branding, Advertising and Marketing sectors. His out-of-the-box thinking works has been listed across thousands of creative galleries and Blogs and also holds the title for his work for the world’s best creative symmetrical Brand Identity Design. He is a known as a leading strategic creative consultant across the country.

Saifudheen Kayamkulam

Saifudheen Kayamkulam

Director, Consultant – Mobile innovations

Saifudheen is Director and Chief Consultant for Mobile innovations with WITSOW. Addition to the same Saifudheen is the Chairman and Managing Director of Mobtecnica. A leading Mobile Technology Development company from Kochi. Saifudheen handles all of Mobtecnica’s technology, including software development, quality and service delivery. With more than 4 years in the technology industry, Saifudheen has held management positions with Techgensia and Realeez. In this capacity, Saif handled a variety of technological aspects in mobile applications, IVR and m-heath-based services himself. Saifudheen also co-founded Realeez Technologies, and served as the company’s first CTO. Saif brings to Witsow Innovations a wealth of experience in networking, security and mobile telecommunications through his consulting. In 2010, Saif was the iphone developer and software engineer at Techgensia. Saifudheen graduated with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from M.G University.

Rigin Antony

Rigin Antony

Art Director - Creative Artist

Rigin T Antony is the Art Director & Creative Director at WITSOW Branding Private limited. Addition to the same Rigin is the Associative Art Director at GROW COMBINE, A leading Marketing company from Kochi. Rigin handles the creative division of WITSOW including Photoshoots, Creative Designs, quality and service delivery. With more than 4 years in the Creative industry, Rigin has held Creative positions with Stark and Mixedpome before he ventured into WITSOW. In this capacity, Rigin handled a variety of creative clients in aspects in brand strategy and design, himself. Rigin also co-founded Agason Marcom, and served as the company’s first Creative Director. Rigin brings to Witsow Branding a wealth of experience in Arts, Design and Brand Communications through his consulting. In 2010, Rigin was the Art Director and Creative Designer at Mixedpome. Rigin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from College of Fine Arts, Thrissur.

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